EasyCargo is a web-based software that helps you plan your loading by calculating the optimal
distribution of cargo items in the given cargo space. You just enter the dimensions and
eventual constraints of articles (like non-stackable, non-tiltable, non-rotatable) to be loaded,
under the tab Cargo spaces you can choose a cargo space from the catalog or create a new
one upon your needs and EasyCargo will propose a solution in the form of a load plan. You
can generate a print report with details of the loading plan, export your load plan to excel or
share the result with your customers or vendors via a link. For defining the order of loading,
typically for shipments to different destinations, there are priority groups. Groups can also be used in
case you need to divide items that should not be mixed together - e.g. some dangerous products.
To simplify your work you can import items from excel or via API or you can create a database of
cargo items in the application. The application is available in 12 languages. The software is web-based
and runs online in your web browser as SaaS (Software as a Service).
Technical requirements are:

● OS Windows 7 or higher and web-browser Chrome, Firefox, Edge or
● OS Mac OS X or higher with Chrome or Safari web-browser
● 2 GB of RAM
● we recommend using a computer not older than 4 years
● active internet connection
● note: In the last version of Chrome and Safari, EasyCargo is supposed to run without the need to install anything. In Firefox, it might be necessary to switch manually to WebGL under the user profile (see the following page) to prevent the request for installing the Unity Web Player which is not supported any more.