Inserting items

On the initial screen, in the left-hand side column, insert the items you want to load. With “item”
we mean a box. Please note that currently EasyCargo only works with cuboid rectangular
shapes. Other shapes are not supported yet.

By clicking on the white box icon you will be able to add a new item type.

Please enter the dimensions, amount (number of pieces) and weight (total or per piece):

You can set the constraints: do not tilt, do not stack on this cargo item, do not rotate.

You can easily change the color of the item type after clicking on the vertical color column (in
this case the red column with A letter). Then the color palette will pop up next to the box item:

If you don't want to include the description on the box in the load plan you can exclude it by
unchecking the checkbox next to the box visualization. Only the letter will be visible then:

With the checkbox next to the item description you can exclude the item from the input list:

By clicking on the black box icon you can add another item type.