Choosing cargo space

In the right-hand side panel you will find the list of cargo spaces you used recently.
Clicking on the + button you can easily get to the Cargo spaces tab where you can add another
cargo space you want to use.

There are different containers and trucks available in our catalog. The pre-defined ones can
be found in the application under the tab Cargo spaces. You can adjust them before using
them and you can even create a custom cargo space upon your needs.

By clicking on the + button on the respective line you add the given cargo space to your
cargo space list.

Then you can adjust it if you want to.

Another option is to create your own cargo space:

Please note that once a cargo space has been used in a shipment, you won't be able to
change or delete it anymore and if you want to perform any changes (e.g. adjust dimensions,
weight limit, etc.) on the cargo space, you need to go to the catalog and add it to the chosen
cargo spaces again (or create a new one again).