Licenses and tickets

Every user needs a user account to be able to access the EasyCargo application.
If you don't have it yet, you can sign up by clicking on the sign-up button in the upper right corner of the screen or via this link.

For working with the application you need an active license. All data like cargo spaces and shipments saved during the testing period remain in the application and will be accessible again once you have purchased a license. The same applies when you extend the license after expiry. Any time you renew a license you can simply continue working with all data from previous shipments.

We offer an annual or monthly license. Both can be purchased either as a one-time order or in the form of a subscription where the license will be extended and charged automatically.
For occasional usage, we offer a package of individual tickets that enable you to access the application for 24 hours per each ticket. The minimum amount for an order is 10 tickets and you can use them at any time within the period of 5 years.
Please refer to our price list for prices based on currency.
When ordering the license you can choose how many licenses you need (for how many users) and for how long. We provide a 30% discount for a year’s license for 3 users or more.

In our calculator, you can check which subscription works best for you (yearly, monthly, or one-day tickets) as well as how much time and cargo space you can save using EasyCargo.

For teachers and professors, we offer a one-year license with all the functions and updates for free, and for students, we offer 14-day access for free twice a year, whereby the number of students is not limited. Alternatively, educational institutions have the option to get each purchased license extended for up to 20 users. For more information visit our page EasyCargo for School or contact us using our contact form or at education@easycargo3d.com where we can guide you on how to purchase an educational license too.

Enterprise licensing was designed especially for big corporations with centralized purchasing departments that either need more licenses for their employees or even have multiple branches in various countries where they want to use EasyCargo.

We have a partnership program for resellers too. For more information please contact us using our contact form or at partner@easycargo3d.com.