Ordering a license

There are 3 options on how to begin. The first option is the Buy button in the upper right corner of the screen (this button appears if you don't have an active license). Clicking on the yellow button will lead you to the order form:

You can also access the order form under your user profile, by clicking on your name next to the Buy button. You can easily get there by clicking on Order more licenses and tickets. Here you can check the validity of your current license too.

You can order the license under the tab Licenses by clicking on the button Order more tickets or Licenses. Both options listed above are available to all users, while the tab Licenses is accessible for Administrators only.

In the first step you can choose between the year and month license or a package of one-day tickets. You will see the price immediately, simply choose the preferred currency.

In the second step you will be asked to insert your company data:

First please choose your country. If your company address is in the European Union and you have a VAT number assigned, please insert your VAT Nr. It will be verified in the VIES system after pressing enter and your company data will be prefilled automatically then, the VAT will be deducted from the total value and your VAT Nr. will be reflected on the invoice. If you don't have any VAT Nr. assigned, VAT will be charged according to the countries current rates within the European Union. In this case please fill in your business name and address manually. If your company address is outside the EU, VAT is not billed.

Under additional information, you can insert any information that is supposed to be reflected on the invoice - typically the purchase order number.

The invoice will be generated automatically and sent to the e-mail address inserted as a billing email here. If you want the invoice to be sent to several email addresses, please insert them divided by a semicolon.

In the top right corner of the order form, you can choose between subscription and one-time order. Subscription is the default option and enables you a continuous usage of the application: the license will be extended and charged automatically after expiry. If you pay by card, your card number will be saved at the payment provider for the upcoming payments. If you don't want to get the license extended automatically or you only want to order the license for a limited time period, please choose the one-time option instead.

Then you can choose the number of licenses (how many users in parallel you want to grant access to) and in case of a one-time payment the period in months/years too (this option is not active for subscriptions as the license gets extended every month/year automatically).

In case of tickets you can choose the number of tickets you want to order. The minimum amount is 10.

Please read the Service Terms and Conditions carefully.

In the last step of the order, choose the payment method: we recommend online payment by card. Your license is activated immediately after successful payment and you can start using EasyCargo right away.

Please note that the invoice will be generated automatically regardless of which payment method you choose and sent to the e-mail address inserted when ordering the license.

If you need to receive the invoice prior to processing the payment, please click on the button Show other payment methods. Here you can choose the international bank transfer. This payment method has some limitations: it can only be processed in EUR, USD, and CZK. Apart from that, the system only activates the license after receiving payment, which might take a few days.

(If you need to start working with EasyCargo earlier, please contact us via our contact form and we can activate your license upfront upon sending the confirmation of payment order yet before we receive your payment.)

Another option is payment via PayPal which also enables instant payment and license activation. However, PayPal payment is only supported for payments in EUR, USD, and CZK.

Another very user-friendly alternative is our e-shop. You can easily order a license key through our online store. The purchase can be made in USD. The ordering process is really simple - here you can learn more.

In summary, there are several possibilities - each of them has some advantages and limitations:

  • Online payment by card enables you to pay in many currencies and gives you immediate access to the application.

  • PayPal provides you with immediate access too, whereby the orders are limited to USD, EUR and CZK.

  • Online store is very easy to use and you can activate the license key immediately, the purchase can be made in USD. As the eshop uses another payment gateway, it might be a solution if you face some issues with online payments.

  • If you can’t pay online for some reason, you can choose the international bank transfer which is supported for payments in USD, EUR and CZK - you will get the invoice ahead and the license will be activated upon payment.

Under the tab Licenses, you can see your orders, download the invoices, and maintain subscriptions. Under Company subscriptions there is the list of active subscriptions. If you have an active subscription the license will be renewed unless you cancel the subscription. Subscription can be canceled anytime by clicking on Cancel subscription:

On the tab Licenses you can find and activate purchased tickets too:

After clicking on Show Licenses you will see the list of your current licenses including their validity date. In the next step you can click on Show history to get the history of your licenses displayed:

After clicking on Show Orders & Invoices you will get the orders displayed. Here you can download your invoices too:

You can find step-by-step instructions to this topic in our tutorial video.

The license is active from the moment the payment is confirmed and will be automatically assigned to one of the users under your user account. If you want to assign it to another user you can do so under the tab Users. See the chapter Assigning licenses to users.