Adding cargo items to a load plan calculation

There is always one Priority Group in input list. Click this icon to add new item.

You can change item's description. You can toggle visibility of description on the box.
Enter the size of the item. Be sure you are using right units. You can change the measurement system on the User profile tab. Type in weight of all the items. You can also switch to enter per item weight.

Finally insert items count. You can activate constrains, like no-tilt - to keep item upright, do not stack, and do not rotate. Do not apply this last constrain if you are not sure, that you want to prevent box rotation. It limits calculation results.

Notice, that you can simply include, or exclude item from the load plan.

Click Load to start the calculation. To edit the item, just double click it in the load results list. For adding additional items, you can click here again, or here. Or to delete the item, click bin-icon.