Importing cargo items from MS Excel

In Shipment menu, click Import from Excel. Here you can download Excel file to be used as template.
Based on your measurement system, select type of file to download.
Be sure, that you are using Excel 2007 or later version. Enable editing, if required.

Delete priority groups, if you are not using them. Fill in the description of your items. You can import up-to 250 item types in one shipment. Set amount for each item. Also set correct dimensions. Be sure to use correct units. Finally set total weight of all items. Set some constrains if you wish to. By default constrains are not applied. In this example, let's apply non-tiltable constrain.

Now, let's save the template and open it for import. In case you are using import file, where all your items are listed. You can choose to import only those, with amount set above zero. For now, we will keep it checked.

When the import is finished, you can review the result, and open the shipment in EasyCargo.
Choose proper cargospace and click the Load to calculate the load plan.