Ordering licenses and tickets

In order to purchase a license you need to have a user account at EasyCargo.

If you don´t have any yet, please sign up on our web page in the top right corner.
Thus you will get the possibility to test the application 10 days free of charge.

After logging in you have several option how to display the order guide:
1, The first one is the button Buy next to your user profile tab.

2, The second one is in the user profile itself. After clicking on your e-mail address in the top right corner please click on Order more tickets or licenses. Here you can check the validity of your current license too. These two variants are available to all users.

3, The third path leads through the tab Licenses visible for users with Administrator role. Here you can find an overview of your active subscriptions that will be extended automatically. You can cancel the subscription here too. Apart from this you can see your active one-time licenses including their validity date and purchased one-day tickets ready for activation. There is a list of expired licenses too. Please continue with pressing Order more tickets or licenses.

The order consists of 3 steps:

The first one is the choice of the package you would like to order: one-day tickets, month or year license. The year license is the most advantageous option.

In the second step please fill in the country there your company is based. If this seat is in the European Union, please insert your VAT which will be verified in the European VAT Number Database after pressing Enter. Your company data will be prefilled automatically then and the VAT will be deducted from the total value.

If the customer does not have a VAT number or has its registered office in the Czech Republic, VAT will be charged according to the country's current rates. If you don't have a VAT ID, fill in your business name and address manually.

You can insert a note you want reflect on the invoice (for example the purchase order for internal purpose). Inserting the correct e-mail address is very important because the confirmation e-mail with the invoice will be sent there.

Then please choose the license form - subscription or one-time payment. In case you decide for subscription, your license will be extended automatically after expiry.

If you pay by card, your card number will be saved at the payment gateway provider for the upcoming payments. After a successful license renewal the invoice will be sent to your e-mail address. If you choose another payment method you will receive a notification about upcoming expiration of your current license and an invoice to be paid.

The license will be renewed unless you cancel subscription under the tab Licenses. In case of a one-time license please insert the length of its validity.

For both forms please insert the requested amount, it means for how many users in parallel you want to grant access to the EasyCargo application. When purchasing 3 licenses or more you get a discount of 30%. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully.

And the following, last step is the payment.

The recommended payment method is online card payment or payment via PayPal.
The payment will be confirmed immediately and thus the license will be directly available.

If you prefer to pay via a bank transfer, you can find this option after clicking on Show other payment methods. Here you can find the international bank transfer. This method has, however, some limitations.

The payment can only be processed in EUR, USD or CZK. Apart from this the system only makes the license available after receiving the payment, which might take few days. Therefore we recommend the card payment.

For completing the transaction please confirm the order. The e-mail with invoice will be sent to your e-mail address independently of the payment methods. Should you not find the e-mail in your mailbox, please check the spam folder too.

The license is active from the moment the payment is confirmed.

The license will be automatically assigned to one of the users under your user account.
If you want to assign it to another user, you can do so under the tab Users.

Now you know how to order a license.